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Jesus: One Way and One Truth

John 14:6

I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me.


In an era of post-modern relativism, where truth is reduced to subjective interpretation and the universalist view that “all roads lead to God”, Jesus' claim that He is the only way to God, can bear an edge of exclusivity that potentially sounds rigid and intolerant to many.


To comprehend the profundity of Jesus' declaration, it is crucial for us to understand the context. He spoke these words to His disciples, who were not strangers to His teachings, miracles, and proclamations. He shared this truth with men whose hearts were open and yearning for the divine. It was to them that Jesus made this absolute affirmation. The disciples knew His character, His love, and His sacrifice, providing them with the background to absorb this revelation with love, understanding, and faith.


Jesus, being “The Way”, signifies that He is the road to the Divine. Jesus paves an accessible path for humanity to know and relate to God. His life, His teachings, His parables, His miracles, and, above all, His sacrifice on the cross, makes God tangible and reachable.


Jesus, being “The Truth”, implies that He was not merely a teacher of truth, but that He embodied truth itself. To know Jesus is to understand the ultimate reality, the absolute truth, that underpins and governs the cosmos. He is the divine standard against which we must assess every other truth claim.


Jesus, being “The Life”, suggests he is the source of eternal life. In Jesus, we are connected to the infinite life-source, transcending the temporal limitations of our earthly existence.


We are not to interpret Jesus' words as spiritual elitism. Rather, we understand that Jesus is making this affirmation out of love, concern, and a deep desire that none should perish. His words underscore the magnitude of His sacrifice, His exclusive capacity to reconcile us to God, and His unique role in God’s salvation plan.


Following any earthly path, no matter how noble or good, will not bring about a divine reconciliation for the simple yet profound reason that it was Jesus, not any prophet, philosopher, or sage, who died for our sins on the cross. It is through His sacrifice that the chasm between a sinful man and a Holy God has been bridged.


In conclusion, my beloved in Christ, no other way leads to eternal life except the one laid down by Jesus. He is not a way, but THE way to God. In the vast spiritual landscape of numerous paths, Jesus stands as the unique, unmatched path that leads to God, offering truth and life in its absolute form.


May the Lord help us realise this divine truth and lead us to share it with love and humility with those who are yet on other paths. I pray we might all gather in the ultimate realisation that Jesus is indeed the only way to God. Amen.