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Not of this World: Zionism and Israel

Hosea 1:6,9

I will no more have mercy upon the house of Israel: for ye are not my people, and I will not be your God.

Political Zionism, the primarily American movement advocating for the establishment of a Jewish homeland in the historic land of Israel, has been a significant subject of discussion, contention and debate among Christians. While opinions on this matter may vary, it is essential for believers to approach the topic with a biblical lens, seeking truth, wisdom, and discernment. There is much conflicting information, deliberate misinformation, and some shocking facts surrounding the issue.

Romans 9:26

And it shall come to pass, that in the place where it was said unto them, Ye are not my people; there shall they be called the children of the living God.

The New Covenant and the Universal Church

Some Christians argue that the New Covenant established through Jesus Christ has shifted the focus from a specific physical land to the establishment of the universal Church, comprising believers from every nation (Galatians 3:28, Ephesians 2:14-15). The promises made to Abraham were fulfilled in Christ and the spiritual inheritance of believers is not tied to a specific geopolitical territory. This church and the heavenly kingdom is the new true Israel.

Galatians 3:26

For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.

A Kingdom Not of This World

Jesus declared that His kingdom was not of this world (John 18:36).  Jesus' mission was primarily spiritual rather than political. The establishment of an earthly kingdom centred on nationalistic aspirations does not align with the teachings of Christ, who prioritized the proclamation of the Gospel around the world and the reconciliation of humanity with God.

Galatians 3:28

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

Expansion of God's Promises

God's promises extend beyond the physical descendants of Abraham. They emphasize verses that mention the inclusion of Gentiles in God's redemptive plan (Romans 9:6-8, Galatians 3:7-9), suggesting that the focus of God's covenant is not solely on the Jewish people but on all who place their faith in Jesus Christ.

Acts 13:46

It was necessary that the word of God should first have been spoken to you: but seeing ye put it from you, and judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life, lo, we turn to the Gentiles.

Call for Justice and Peace

The pursuit of a Jewish homeland through political means has led to the unjust treatment of the Palestinian people and hindered efforts towards justice and lasting peace in the region. Christians are called to be peace-makers for this blood-drenched land and to speak out against un-Christian human rights abuses on both sides. A holistic approach is needed, that recognizes the rights and dignity of all individuals involved, seeking reconciliation and peaceful coexistence. 

Matthew 23:37

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you that kill the prophets, and stone them which are sent to you, how often would I have gathered your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you would not have it!

Antichrist Nation

The Talmud declares Jesus (Yeshu) is in hell (Tzoah Rotachat) boiling in excrement. This makes any Jew who believes this and rejects Jesus an antichrist (1 John 2:22) the state religion of Israel is an antichrist state. God loves Jews and wants them to return, but not for Christians to blindly support and celebrate an ungodly Christ-hating state in the hopes of getting a blessing are misguided and tickling ears which might ultimately end up with them dying unsaved. Of course, this doesn't mean we should support their antichrist terrorist enemies either but we should seek peace.

2 Kings 17:20

And the Lord rejected all the seed of Israel, and afflicted them, and delivered them into the hand of spoilers, until he had cast them out of his sight.


Israelites have a long history of achievement, they were chosen by God for the prophets and to bring Christ to earth, they were the first to be apostles and can still be Jews if they accept Jesus, but we have seen that modern Jewry as a religion does not follow the Old Testament (and even sneers at what a Christian would expect), and instead relies primarily on the Babylonian Talmud to interpret the Torah.

God isn't done with Israel, nor is he done with any nation and we should continue our commission and preach Jews have the ultimate blessing of Jesus Christ and should call on him and be saved. May our conversations with Jews and Christians alike promote love, understanding, and a shared pursuit of God's Kingdom, regardless of our perspectives on political Zionism.