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Fixing Our Eyes on Christ: Transcending Politics

Colossians 3:2

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.

In today's world, political divisions and ideologies can often create deep rifts among people, including believers in Christ. As Christians, our primary allegiance is not to any political party or agenda, but to the Kingdom of God. Let us explore how we can navigate the tumultuous waters of politics with wisdom, grace, and a focus on our eternal calling.

Seeking Wisdom from Above:

When faced with political debates and issues, our first step should be seeking wisdom from above. Instead of blindly aligning ourselves with a particular political ideology, let us diligently study God's Word and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The wisdom of God surpasses the wisdom of this world, and it is through His guidance that we can discern truth and make informed decisions.

Keeping Our Hearts Unattached:

While political engagement can be important, we must guard our hearts against becoming too deeply attached to any political ideology or party. Our ultimate allegiance is to Christ and His Kingdom, which transcends earthly politics. When we place our hope and identity in a political ideology, we risk compromising our witness and allowing divisions to overshadow our unity in Christ.

Embracing the Full Counsel of Scripture:

God's Word provides guidance and principles that should shape our political engagement. As we study the Bible, we discover principles such as justice, compassion, humility, and love for our neighbours. Rather than subscribing solely to the policies of the left or the right, let us seek to align ourselves with the full counsel of Scripture, allowing its teachings to inform our political perspectives and actions.

Engaging with Love and Respect:

Political discourse can be heated and divisive, often leading to hostility and animosity. As followers of Christ, we are called to a higher standard. Let us engage in political conversations with love, respect, and humility. We can model Christ-like behaviour by listening attentively, considering different viewpoints, and responding with grace and kindness, even when we disagree.

Pursuing Unity in Christ:

Political divisions can threaten the unity of the body of Christ. However, our faith transcends political affiliations. Instead of allowing politics to divide us, let us actively pursue unity in Christ. As we gather with fellow believers, let us focus on our shared faith, worship, and mission. Together, we can demonstrate the power of Christ's love, bridging political divides and working towards the common good.

Being Salt and Light:

While our primary allegiance is to Christ's Kingdom, we are called to be salt and light in the world, including the political sphere. Let us actively engage in the political process with a desire to bring godly influence. By advocating for justice, compassion, and righteousness, we can be a positive force in the political realm, always mindful that our ultimate hope lies in the transformative power of the Gospel.


Heavenly Father, in a world divided by politics, help me fix my eyes on You. Grant me wisdom to navigate political issues with discernment and grace. Help me keep my heart unattached from worldly ideologies and grounded in the truth of Your Word. Fill me with love, respect, and humility as I engage with others who hold different political views. May Your Kingdom values be reflected in my actions, and may Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.


Take a moment to reflect on your own political engagement. Are you allowing your faith to guide your political perspectives, or are you being swayed solely by partisan ideologies? How can you actively pursue unity in Christ while engaging in political discourse? Ask God to help you align your political engagement with His will and to use you as an instrument of His love and righteousness in the political sphere.